Hear Garth Brooks pay tribute to Charley Pride in honour of his RIAA Lifetime Achievement Award

On October 26, trailblazing country music legend Charley Pride was honoured with the RIAA Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Museum of African American Music presented by RIAA COO Michele Ballantyne to Charley’s son, Dion Pride. At this event, country music icon Garth Brooks took the stage for a stirring acoustic performance of the last song Pride recorded: “Where the Cross Don’t Burn,” a duet with Brooks.

In honour of the momentous occasion, hear “Where the Cross Don’t Burn” on The Garth Channel (Ch. 55) all week, preceded by special commentary from Brooks about Charley Pride and the song itself.

Brooks travelled to Pride’s studio in Dallas to record the duet, which chronicles the friendship between a young white boy and an older Black man during segregation. The ballad sat with Brooks for 10 years as he waited for the right time for this collaboration with Pride to materialize and was finally recorded for Brooks’ latest album, Fun, which was released in September.

In addition to his performance, Brooks sat down with songwriter, author and Vanderbilt University faculty member Alice Randall for a live Q&A where they discussed Pride’s profound influence on Brooks, the genre of country music and their time together recording “Where the Cross Don’t Burn” (written by the late Troy Jones and the late Phil Thomas). Throughout the Q&A, Garth interjected with performances of acoustic verses of some of Charley’s biggest hits and his own personal favourites, even becoming emotional during a few of the songs.

“One of the greatest American icons is Charley Pride; Charley Pride is love,” Brooks said.

Additionally, Garth joins Storme Warren on The Highway (Ch. 56) at 8:15 am ET and 11:15 am ET on November 5th, Mike Terry on Prime Country (Ch. 58) at 5 pm ET and 8 pm ET on November 5th, Buzz Brainard on Y2Kountry (Ch. 61) 8 am ET and 11 am ET on November 5th, and Dallas Wayne at Willie’s Roadhouse (Ch. 59) at 5 pm ET on November 5th for exclusive interviews about participating in Charley’s induction and creating “Where the Cross Don’t Burn.”

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