John Stamos returns to ‘The Howard Stern Show’ to talk about his new book

John Stamos

John Stamos returned to The Howard Stern Show today (October 24) to catch up with Howard Stern and Robin Quivers and open up about his new book, If You Would Have Told Me: A Memoir.

John Stamos on Howard Stern Show: Details

During his appearance, Stamos, 60, reflected on his first love — actress and model Teri Copley — and how she cheated on him with fellow actor Tony Danza. Stamos also delved into his battle with alcoholism, his DUI, and his 2015 stint in rehab in Utah. Since then, Stamos hasn’t had a drink.

Stamos also got candid about his divorce with Rebecca Romijn, revealing that sharing “anything less than the truth is paralysis.” After they split up in the early 2000s, Stamos “blamed” Romijn. However, while writing his memoir, he realized that it was just as much his fault. He wanted to acknowledge that in his book.

“I felt that I became emasculated,” Stamos said due to Romijn’s rising acting career. “I think she outgrew me.”

“I was so angry at her for so long,” he added, “and I’m just so happy to not be angry, I’m happy for her.”

Additionally, the beloved actor looked back on his success — and struggles — playing Uncle Jessie on the ’80s-’90s sitcom Full House. He also talked to Howard and Robin about a “highlight” of his career (his starring role in the Broadway musical Cabaret in 2022), his friendship with Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters, and much more.

In If You Would Have Told Me, which he released today, Stamos opens up about his many highs and lows throughout his life.