Joint Ventures brings cannabis radio to SiriusXM Canada Talks

Ben Miner hosts Joint Ventures.

So I’ve got a new show and it’s about cannabis.

A stand-up comic with an interest in marijuana? What? Seriously?!? Mind. Blown.

Jokes aside, I’m really really excited about this show for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with that hippy dippy stoner vibe. This show will be about informing, educating, demystifying, and destigmatizing cannabis.

I was chatting with my mom a few months ago and she asked me about CBD as a treatment for back pain. I was quite shocked to hear my mother, a retired pharmacy tech, express an interest in anything cannabis-related and that’s when I realized the conversation around the plant needs to evolve and mature.

We’re a year past nationwide legalization here in Canada and if anything, there are more questions now than ever. That’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. We now have access to unprecedented resources, information, and experts who run the gamut. There’s no need for mystery in this brave new world, the time to explore is now.

Cannabis is possibly the most villainized plant in human history and it has so many benefits. Hemp alone could revolutionize the textile industry and the medical applications for cannabis are seemingly endless. The industry is rapidly evolving with subsidiary industries popping up left and right. CBD products for pets? That’s a thing. Medical cannabis analytical apps? Yup. Cannabis and ageing, stocks & finance, canna tourism, topical applications, sprays, drinks, cannabis employment and certification. So many things to talk about!!! See why I’m excited about this show now? The conversation isn’t just new, it’s broad and expansive. This industry has the potential to touch just about every aspect of our lives and to be honest, the recreational aspect is kind of the least interesting. That’s the part we’re all familiar with already, right?

The science behind the plant is super super super interesting too. Do you know what a terpene is? People think it just plays a part in the flavour profile of flowers but the reality is so much more fascinating. In an interview with Pete Shearer from the Supreme Cannabis Company, I learned that terpenes not only play a part in the flavour but more importantly serve as a means of defence against insects that would maybe eat it. The terpenes give off an odour that’s similar to the smell of dead aphids that wards off predatory bugs and attracts pollinators.

Cool, right?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are actually different types of terpenes that do different things. What I’m learning is how little I actually know about a plant I thought I was familiar with; it turns out I’ve just been scratching the surface. To that point, we’ll also have a focus on cannabis law, potential impacts on physical and mental health and regular discussions around responsible and safe cannabis use. There’s so much I don’t know. But I’m good at asking questions and I’m bringing in all the experts I can find.

Joint Ventures debuts on Canada Talks SiriusXM Channel 167 starting December 14th with regular airtimes of Saturdays at 11 pm ET, repeating Mondays at 1 am ET and available on the SiriusXM app.

And have I mentioned I think this show is a first of its kind? Has there ever been a weekly cannabis talk show from a real broadcaster? And not a podcast? A program broadcast internationally? I’ve been googling and I think this is the first. That’s exciting. Or am I being that annoying loser in the comments section who types “first!”?

Tune in to Joint Ventures, it’s going to be a dope show!!!