Leslie Jones can say what she wants in new weekly podcast ‘The Fckry’

The Fckry

Comedian and actress Leslie Jones is teaming up with Lenny Marcus to host a new Earwolf podcast, The Fckry.

“I have a lot of things to say. I could have shared them on a daytime talk show where I’d have to censor myself. But in a podcast, I can say what I want,” Jones explained. “On The Fckry, you’re getting the uncut, 100% pure Leslie Jones. If you’ve ever wanted to hang with me and talk, here’s your chance.”

Keeping it 100 is Jones’ mission, and any fckry will not be tolerated. Each week, Jones and Marcus will expose the fckry of any given topic (and they have a fun time doing it). They’ll interview special guests and answer listener questions. Plus, in the fckry of the week segment, hear Jones and Marcus call out people, places, things or situations. Nothing is off limits, and you don’t want to miss it.

Listen to all available episodes on the SiriusXM app now or wherever you get your podcasts.