Listen to President Joe Biden’s full interview with Howard Stern on ‘The Howard Stern Show’

President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden joined Howard Stern on Friday, April 26, for a one-on-one conversation during “The Howard Stern Show.”

You can stream it anytime on the SiriusXM app.

“Sitting and listening to Bruce Springsteen, I am live. I know typically on a Friday I am not live, but I decided to break into my own channel because I’m sitting here with a phenomenal guest,” Howard said at the start of the show, having chosen to play the same song Springsteen performed at the president’s inauguration.

Howard continued, “Somebody I’ve wanted to meet for the longest time and somebody I’m an admirer of and somebody I adore. And it is not somebody doing an impression. It is the real President of the United States of America, President Joe Biden.”

Throughout their very personal conversation, the two discussed Biden’s accomplishments since 2020, his upbringing and early political career, and more. The President also confirmed he would be “happy” to debate Donald Trump this year.