Live @ SiriusXM: Jessica Mitchell and Heart of Glass

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica Mitchell is a Canadian singer-songwriter who just released her debut LP, Heart of Glass. This album came together in both Nashville and Toronto with producers Blake Bollinger, Ben Stennis, and Karen Kosowski, featuring collaborations with Deric Ruttan (Eric Church, Dierks Bentley) and Victoria Banks (Sara Evans, Johnny Reid). This LP weaves in and out of heartbreak, with a hint of hope behind every moment of doubt. While I believe Jessica’s heart was broken in a million pieces as these songs came together, as she says, “I’m pretty good at putting it back together.”

Speaking about the title track, Jessica says “Heart of Glass” was one of the tougher songs to write because there was so much material and she just wanted the song to be perfect. “I’m so glad we fought through it and made it work because it’s one of my favourite songs that I’ve ever written. I think it encapsulates the spirit of what the record means…constant heartbreak and the same thing happening to you over, and over, and over again.”

‘One of These Things’ is inspired by a younger Jessica who was bullied and had a tough time growing up, mentally and emotionally. If there’s any message that she wants to leave the listener with, it is that you’re not alone. “It’s a love letter to life and the stages of life, each verse kind of represents a part.”

Often called the Adele of Canadian Country, Jessica covers “Make You Feel My Love” in-studio at Trench Recordings, too:

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