Matthew McConaughey may not be as famous as we think

Matthew McConaughey

Of all the people who would dream of working with Matthew McConaughey, White Boy Rick cast a teenager that was oblivious to the actor’s fame. Jonathan Majors, Richie Merritt, and McConaughey sat down with Jess Cagle to promote their new crime drama and discuss the artistry of acting.

McConaughey gave advice to the first-time actor, Merritt, on handling fame and choosing future projects. With his advice, McConaughey reflected on his own career trajectory and remembered the first time he saw himself on a magazine cover.

Enjoy the video clips below.

Richie Merritt didn’t know Matthew McConaughey before White Boy Rick

Matthew McConaughey remembers seeing himself on his first magazine cover

Matthew McConaughey on the origin of “Alright, alright, alright”