NHL Games Of The Week: Saturday, February 6th – Friday, February 12th

NHL Games of the Week
TORONTO, ONTARIO - AUGUST 06: Claude Giroux #28 of the Philadelphia Flyersand T.J. Oshie #77 of the Washington Capitals face-off in the third period of a Round Robin game during the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff at Scotiabank Arena on August 06, 2020 in Toronto, Ontario.
Saturday, February 6th – Vancouver Canucks at Toronto Maple Leafs

7:00 pm Eastern – SiriusXM 91

You can’t always play the rebuilding Ottawa Senators, as the Canucks can attest to.  They have dominated the Sens, then have had their issues keeping up with the better teams in the North Division. The Maple Leafs will be a big test for Vancouver.

Sunday, February 7th – Philadelphia Flyers at Washington Capitals

12:00 noon Eastern – SiriusXM 91

Two perennial rivals meet up again in DC, as both the Flyers and Capitals jockey for position in the East Conference. Both teams are contenders for top spot in that bracket.

Monday, February 8th – New York Islanders at New York Rangers

7:00 pm Eastern – SiriusXM 91

Maybe the two most disappointing teams out of the gate, there’s still time for both New York squads to pull up their collective hockey socks, and get back into the tough East Division playoff race. A clean two points tonight will go a long way towards that goal.

Tuesday, February 9th – Winnipeg Jets at Calgary Flames

10:00 pm Eastern – SiriusXM 167

There’s always been a healthy amount of hate between these two clubs over the decades, and it’s only been ramped up thanks to the high number of games each team will play against their division rivals this unique 2021 season. If Toronto and Montreal are the top two teams in the North, are Winnipeg and Calgary the next two?

Wednesday, February 10th – Toronto Maple Leafs at Montreal Canadiens

7:30 pm Eastern – SiriusXM 91

Speaking of the top two teams in the North (at least according to early results), they meet up tonight in Montreal, their first meeting since the season opener back on January 13th. The Maple Leafs prevailed 5-4 in overtime. These two ancient rivals go at it again on Saturday evening in Toronto.

Thursday, February 11th – Pittsburgh Penguins at New York Islanders

7:00 pm Eastern – SiriusXM 91

While the Islanders haven’t had a start to the season to write home about, the Penguins have kept themselves in the race in the East Division. There remain questions as to whether Pittsburgh is still a legitimate Stanley Cup contender, or whether that window has closed.

Friday, February 12th – Boston Bruins at New York Rangers

7:00 pm Eastern – SiriusXM 91

This Original Six matchup takes on added significance this season, due to these old rivals sharing the same division. The Bruins are off to another roaring start, while the Rangers are still looking for some positive consistency in their overall game.