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NHL All-Star

Along with some must-hear games of the week, NHL Network Radio is your home for complete NHL All-Star coverage.

NHL Games of the Week

Saturday, January 27th – 7 pm Eastern – SiriusXM 91
Montreal Canadiens at Pittsburgh Penguins

Will the Pittsburgh Penguins make the playoffs this April? And if they do, will they do something in the post-season? Pittsburgh are still a team loaded with top-end talent, even though the hair may be greying. But it’s a real traffic jam for the right to play late April hockey in the Eastern Conference. Tonight, the Pens face a rebuilding Montreal squad that are closer to that playoff race than most expected.

Sunday, January 28th – 9 pm Eastern – SiriusXM 81
Columbus Blue Jackets at Seattle Kraken

It seems as if the 3rd year Kraken are either on a lengthy winning streak or are stuck in a lengthy losing streak. And just like the Eastern Conference, the West is also a rush-hour traffic snarl of teams all trying to shoehorn themselves into one of the two wildcard spots very much up for grabs. The Kraken take on a Blue Jackets team that has been a major disappointment this season, finding themselves out of the playoff race early on.

Monday, January 29th – 7 pm Eastern – SiriusXM 91
Nashville Predators at Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators are also one of the more disappointing teams this season in the NHL, with many expecting them to at least challenge for a wildcard position in the East.  Instead, the Sens are in the running for lottery balls in the NHL Entry Draft. In the Wild West, the Predators have found themselves in the middle of a pitched battle for a wildcard for seemingly months now.

Tuesday, January 30th – 8 pm Eastern – SiriusXM 91
Columbus Blue Jackets at St. Louis Blues

Who are the St. Louis Blues? They changed head coaches and still remain just outside looking in at the Western Conference wildcard fun. In this season of streaks, even a modest winning streak by the Blues would serve to catapult them back into contention for a playoff invite.

Wednesday, January 31st – 7 pm Eastern – SiriusXM 91
Ottawa Senators at Detroit Red Wings

While the Senators have been a letdown in the East, the same cannot be said about the Red Wings.  They’ve been scoring at a prodigious rate recently and have briefly occupied third place in the tough Atlantic Division. Is one of the Eastern Conference wildcard slots in their future? Detroit hasn’t been in the Stanley Cup Playoffs since the 2015-16 season, and they hadn’t won a post-season series since 2013 when they outlasted the Anaheim Ducks in a seven-game series before falling to the Blackhawks in Game Seven overtime in the next series. The seven seasons with no playoff participation match the longest dry spell for this franchise, going back to 1971 through to 1977.

NHL All-Star Coverage

Thursday, February 1st – 7 pm Eastern – SiriusXM 91
NHL All-Star Team Draft

The NHL prepares for the annual All-Star Game Festivities, being held this time in Toronto, Ontario. The league returns to team action on Monday, February 5. Tonight, at 6 pm Eastern, the players gather in Toronto for the All-Star Game Draft, where the three-on-three team rosters are selected for Saturday afternoon’s games.

Friday, February 2nd – 6:00 pm Eastern – SiriusXM 91

& 7 pm Eastern – NHL All-Star Skills Competition

Toronto is the site for the 2024 NHL All-Star Game and the revamped All-Star Skills Competition.  And up for grabs is a cool Million Dollars. Not too shabby for a night of (fun) work. This time around, 12 of the best NHL players will compete in at least four of the following six skill categories…Fastest Skater, Hardest Shot, Stick Handling, One Timers, Passing Challenge, and Accuracy Shooting. The top eight players advance to a shootout against the All-Star goaltenders, and the Final is an Obstacle Course.  Quinn Hughes, J.T. Miller, Elias Petterson, David Pastrnak, Nathan MacKinnon, Cale Makar, Leon Draisaitl, Connor McDavid, Nikita Kucherov, Jack Hughes, William Nylander, and Auston Matthews are the participants.  All true superstars in the NHL.

The NHL All-Star Game can be heard on SiriusXM 91, starting at 3 pm Eastern, on Saturday afternoon.