Olivia Rodrigo releases introspective, coming-of-age sophomore album, ‘GUTS’

Photo: Maro Hagopian

Today (September 8) Olivia Rodrigo released her sophomore album, GUTS — which includes the singles “vampire” and “bad idea right?” The 12 album tracks (plus four bonus ones on the deluxe edition) were whittled down from hundreds she wrote over the last year and a half.

“I’m feeling every emotion that a human could feel,” Olivia told SiriusXM Hits 1’s Morning Mash Up when talking about GUTS. “I feel like I’ve been living with this album for so long … it’s just very cathartic to put it out into the world. But, yeah, obviously I want people to like it, so there’s a little bit of nervousness.”

Olivia Rodrigo joined SiriusXM Hits 1 live in-studio for the first time ever after the pandemic forced Zoom interviews around her debut album, Sour, in 2021.

About GUTS

When it came to writing for GUTS, she said, “I try to write all the time. I just find that flexing that muscle can help you sharpen your skills.” But many of the songs are just an unfinished verse and chorus that she’d never let anyone hear.

“Sometimes they’re really terrible,” she admitted. “But it’s just the act of showing up and showing the creative gods that you’re here that day and trying your best. That’s what counts.”

You can hear the entire on the SiriusXM App now.