Ramble on with two all-new, exclusive Grateful Dead channels on the SiriusXM App

Grateful Dead

Deadheads will be grateful for two all-new channels, Dead Tracks and Dead Archive, now available exclusively on the SiriusXM app. In addition to the existing Grateful Dead Channel (Ch. 23), the new channels delve deep into the Grateful Dead’s catalogue and archives so that the music never stops.

See descriptions of Dead Tracks and Dead Archive below, and stream both channels anytime on the SiriusXM app now.

Dead Tracks is home to the Grateful Dead’s traditional releases. You’ll hear albums from the band’s studio and live performances, including Warner Brothers, Grateful Dead Records, and Arista releases.

Dead Archive features live music to bring the Grateful Dead concert experience to fans. The channel consists of archival concert releases, including Dave’s Picks, Rocking the Cradle, Spring 1990, 30 Trips Around the Sun, and some early-archival releases like One from the Vault.

For years, the Grateful Dead Channel has been fans’ 24/7 source for exclusive interviews with high-profile Deadheads, behind-the-scenes stories about the band, and nonstop hits.

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