Revisit the biggest and best classic rock tracks of all time with SiriusXM’s Classic Rock Top 1000 channel

Classic Rock Top 1000

Are you ready to rock? SiriusXM is once again counting down 1000 of the most colossal classic rock jams to celebrate the eras that made the genre great. Tune in for the rock countdown to end all rock countdowns (the final countdown, if you will) and rediscover classic rock’s most crucial cuts with the Classic Rock Top 1000 channel.

From U2 to KISS and beyond, now’s your chance to hear from the architects of classic rock all in one place (and in order). Not only is the Classic Rock Top 1,000 a definitive look back at some of the most karaoke-worthy songs of all time, but it’s also an ideal soundtrack for getting in some solid reps at the gym and powering through even the most painful commute. Whether you’re rooting for “Hey Jude” or are more of a “Bohemian Rhapsody” fan, be sure to listen in for which genre-transcending epic track earned the coveted No. 1 spot.

And the best part about this countdown of classics from the vinyl era through the cassette era? There’s no vintage hardware required.