Saving baseball in Seattle: Relive the unforgettable 1995 Seattle Mariners season

Seattle Mariners

For the city of Seattle and the entire Pacific Northwest, the 1995 Seattle Mariners embody a story of resilience, passion, and the power of community support. In an era overshadowed by the fallout of a players’ strike and the looming threat of relocation, the Mariners rose above adversity to captivate the hearts of fans and save baseball in their city.

Hosted by Dave Sims, the television voice of the Mariners, this MLB Network Radio special brings the remarkable story of the 1995 Seattle Mariners to life. Listen as Sims expertly guides listeners through the ups and downs of that memorable season, weaving in exclusive interviews with key figures from the team.

Listeners can expect to hear from the legendary Hall of Famer Edgar Martinez, whose exceptional contributions on and off the field cemented his place in Mariners’ history. Additionally, Lou Piniella, the manager at the helm of the 1995 team, offers valuable insights and reflections on that historic season.

Listen to the first airing Monday, July 10, on MLB Network Radio (Ch. 89), with additional airings throughout the week via the SXM App.