See when Santa Claus is coming to town with NORAD on SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live

Santa Tracking with NORAD and SiriusXM - SiriusXM

Santa Claus may see you when you’re sleeping (and streaming) but starting Saturday December 24th at 3pm ET, track Santa as he embarks on his gift-giving trip around the globe thanks to Kids Place Live (Ch. 78) and NORAD.

From 3pm ET onward on Christmas Eve, Kids Place Live teams up with NORAD to track Santa’s journey through continents, countries, and time zones as he delivers gifts via Reindeer Power™. Tune in all afternoon, evening, and night to hear the jolly old elf’s progress and find out when he starts nearing your airspace. But remember! Santa only delivers gifts once everyone is fast asleep!

Once the coverage kicks off on Christmas Eve, hear live, up-to-the-minute reports from the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) coupled with family-friendly holiday tunes all day and night long. But remember to get to bed before Santa and his sleigh head to your corner of the Earth!

Plus, throughout the rest of December, listen to Kids Place Live’s holiday-themed specials on radios or the SXM App.

Learn more about NORAD here.