SiriusXM remembers our own Andréanne Sasseville

Andréanne Sasseville
Andréanne Sasseville

On January 9, 2017, we lost a member of the SiriusXM family and a champion for Canadian artists, Andréanne Sasseville. Andréanne was an integral part of SiriusXM and the Canadian music industry for over 11 years. There was no one more dedicated, inspiring or passionate and she truly believed in the importance of homegrown artists making Canadian music.

Andréanne was a talented interviewer and host, and the vast archive of videos we have of her interviews could fill a library. Below we’ve compiled just a few of our favourites.

Bon voyage, Andréanne.

Andréanne Sasseville talks to Bry Webb

Andréanne Sasseville talks to Jim Cuddy

Andréanne Sasseville talks to Buck65

Andréanne Sasseville talks to Ron Sexsmith