SiriusXM’s Rock DJs share their favourite Billy Joel songs

Trying to pick the best song from one of the most iconic songwriters of all time is like trying to pick your favourite type of pasta in Little Italy. From We Didn’t Start the Fire to River of Dreams and everything in between, Billy Joel has a songbook to beat—hence our ability to put together a month-long channel of Billy Joel songs (Ch. 18) without breaking a sweat.

But for argument’s sake, we asked our rock channel DJs, programmers and hosts, to pick their favourite Billy Joel song, you know, if they were stuck on a desert island and only got to bring one. Here are their picks.

River of Dreams – Nancy Alden, Classic Vinyl
We Didn’t Start the Fire – Dusty Street, Deep Tracks and Jim Ladd, Deep Tracks
Everybody Loves You Now – Earle Bailey, Classic Vinyl and Deep Tracks
Allentown – Brian Beddow, Classic Vinyl and Deep Tracks
Big Shot – Rachel Steele, Classic Vinyl and Classic Rewind
I Go to Extremes – Dan Neer, The Loft and Deep Tracks