Soundtrack your Mardi Gras party with Mardi Gras Radio + more

Mardi Gras Radio

The parades are about to start in New Orleans, beads are about to be thrown on Basin Street, and the French Quarter is about to be lit up. It’s Mardi Gras time! But why should The Big Easy have all of the fun? Find the sounds of Mardi Gras on SiriusXM with the Mardi Gras Radio pop-up channel, The Big Easy year-round app-only channel, and more.

Mardi Gras Radio

Let the good times roll when Mardi Gras Radio returns to SiriusXM from February 10–14 on channel 67. Four days of Louisiana party music make New Orleans so uniquely American. Whether you’re in the Big Easy or in your backyard, grab your beads, dancing shoes, and favourite beverage as we bring you the perfect party soundtrack.

The Big Easy

Need more NOLA music in your life? Mardi Gras is every day on SiriusXM with The Big Easy, our app-exclusive channel available to stream all year long. Listen to expertly curated songs — without commercials — all day, every day.