Stay Energized With 13 Cross-Genre Music Channels Made For Your Work Out

work out

As many gyms close their doors, people are exploring alternative ways to work out and stay in shape. And while social distancing is key, there are plenty of methods for breaking a sweat while still respecting the 6-foot rule (or without even leaving your house) and SiriusXM is here with your soundtrack for it all. From running and biking to strength training and stretching, we’ve got you and your workout covered with pump-up jams across all genres.

You don’t have to be on a bike to feel the soul — from today’s hip-hop to bass-bumping EDM, SoulCycle Radio will energize you from the inside out and give you that same fresh-out-of-class workout feeling once your routine is done.

Gearing up for a workout that’ll have you hungry like the wolf by the time it’s over? Soundtrack your sweat session with high-energy classic alternative and new wave hits from artists like The Smiths, The Cure, Duran Duran, and more.

Sweat to these oldies, no leg warmers required (but highly encouraged). Throw it back to the top ’80s pop, perfect for feeling the burn with an impromptu “Material Girl” performance in your bedroom.

Grab your best scrunchie and Kappa tracksuit for this one. While the ’90s may have seen the dawn of spinning, these classic pop earworms from artists like Christina Aguilera, Paula Abdul, and more are perfect for any workout.

While a rave may not be in the cards given social distancing recommendations, you can still sweat like you’re at one. Keep it moving to the hottest nonstop dance beats and remixes from your favourite DJs.

Might want to grab the home weights for this session. Smash your goals with chart-smashing, hard-hitting classic rock best suited to release any excess energy from artists like Billy Idol and The Kinks.

About to lose your mind up in (t)here? What about your cool? Feel the burn with hit after hit of hip-hop and R&B from the ’90s to the 2000s.

Ready to feel the heat? Tune in to today’s biggest hip-hop and R&B jams from Lil Baby, Trey Songz, Jay Z, and more and get ready to get sweaty.

BPM doesn’t just refer to music — blast through all of your at-home cardio with today’s hardest hip-hop carefully curated to keep you in the zone.

Hits 1 isn’t just for bopping along in the car anymore. This workout channel with favourites from artists like Billie Eilish and All Time Low will keep you energized and on top of which songs are trending on the charts.

Pro tip: Channel the energy and angst of Nirvana or early-career Green Day into your workout for optimal results. However, fair warning that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” may not just be a song title by the time you’re done.

Tackle your fitness goals and travel back in time with some of the most energized bangers of the early 2000s (bonus points if you dust off your old Skechers to do so).

Trying to take your run to the next level? Super-charge your social distancing fitness with hard rock from Slipknot, Buckcherry, and more.

For those looking for a cool down or just a solid stretch (which is key!), tune in to Krishna Das Yoga Radio (Ch. 751) to find your zen and end your workout on a centred note.