Tim Hicks shares songs and stories from New Tattoo Live @ SiriusXM

Tim Hicks

Multi-platinum, award-winning Niagara Falls-native Tim Hicks is back with his fourth studio album, New Tattoo, and he’s Live @ SiriusXM this week sharing songs & stories from the studio and stage! Tim compares releasing an album to a new tattoo, saying both stick with you forever! His daughter may have helped pick the title track based on her quick study of the catchy chorus…

The album’s first single “Loud” was officially licensed by the NHL for broadcast during the 2018 playoffs, which is no surprise for Tim Hicks fans. Tim was stuck on yearning for a one-word track title similar to Luke Bryan’s “Fast.” The song was written as soon as someone asked him, “What word describes Tim Hicks?” He also reminds me that music is just as much of a team sport as hockey is.

‘What a Song Should Do’ was a collaboration with a few other Canadians, one who had just been kicked out of a session for her writing style elsewhere. This song is almost a jab at the person who kicked her out…because the definition of a GREAT song can vary from person to person. What a song should do is really up to the ears that hear it!

If you’ve been following Tim’s music since the beginning, you know he grew up saying, “I was born 30 years too late!” He’s always loved classic rock like Bon Jovi and Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones mixed with the Canadiana of Blue Rodeo & The Northern Pikes. Tim is right when he says, “I have a hard time filtering out my influences, and more so than ever on this record.” I can hear ‘em and I like it! No surprise, he chose Bon Jovi for his cover song:

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