Tyla visits Hits 1 and talks about her viral smash hit ‘Water’


South African pop artist Tyla celebrated her 22nd birthday on January 30 with an interview on SiriusXM Hits 1 (Ch. 2). Speaking with hosts Mack and Jen during her first-ever trip to Miami, Tyla opened up about her hit single, debut album, worldwide tour, and alternate career plans. Listen to the full interview on the SiriusXM app now.

Tyla on her breakout single “Water”

The lead single from Tyla’s forthcoming debut album, “Water,” went viral on TikTok and is now nominated for Best African Music Performance at this weekend’s GRAMMY Awards. Tyla told Mack and Jen that she doesn’t have a speech prepared in case she wins but that she’s “just grateful to be nominated” and is “excited for the overall night.”

She also expressed her amazement that both Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake have performed “Water.” Janet mixed “Water” with “What Have You Done For Me Lately” during a tour performance, and Justin covered the song during his free “superfan” show in Memphis.

“It’s crazy to see how far the song has travelled,” Tyla said.

Debut solo album

Tyla’s self-titled debut solo album is due out next month, and Tyla — who said she couldn’t wait to visit South Beach while in Miami — recommended everyone listen to the album for the first time while on a beach.

The album, she revealed, has been in the works for over two years. “I’m just happy that we’ve gotten to this point. I’m so happy with the way it sounds, and I’m excited for people to hear it,” she said.

The success of “Water” has allowed her to travel the world, including Miami. “Ever since I got signed, I left South Africa for the first time,” she explained. “I was in Dubai, Nigeria, London, America. I just feel like I met so many talented people and experienced so many different things, and I managed to then put that into the music and make a perfect blend of everything.”