Welcome To The Indigiverse

I’ve been working in media for a very, very long time. I’ve been in radio and audio for about half of that very, very long time. But I’m usually behind-the-scenes, lurking around as the producer, telling the host to “just read the words I wrote for you.”

Now, I’ve been offered an amazing opportunity to host my own show on SiriusXM 165, which I’ve been involved in re-branding. Canadian Indigenous Peoples Radio will become The Indigiverse — the Indigenous universe! I am also proud to announce The Kim Wheeler Show, hosted by me!

Kim Wheeler

You’re probably wondering who the hell I am. I wonder that same thing myself sometimes too. I am a Sixties Scoop survivor and I was adopted into a non-Indigenous (white) family as a baby. My names have been given to me through birth, adoption and two marriages. So, you can see why I also wonder who the hell Kim Wheeler is.

A few things I do know: I am a storyteller, a journalist, a mother and an evil genius!

I cut my teeth in journalism in Edmonton at the Edmonton Journal and the Canadian Press. I gained my radio chops at CBC Radio producing shows like Unreserved (with my bestie Rosanna Deerchild) and ReVision Quest among several other limited series. I even produced three seasons of a music podcast (before podcasts were a thing) with a rotating cast of hosts, including myself.

Lately, I’ve been working as an independent audio producer, writer, publicist, and instructor. I love a challenge, I love working with the Indigenous community, and I love sharing our stories!

The Kim Wheeler Show is going to bring you conversations with artists, newsmakers and tastemakers from across Turtle Island. My producer, Kaylen Belair (who you’ll also hear hosting various features on our new channel) will introduce you to musicians in his artist spotlight and we’ll keep up with the happenings out there in the Indigiverse!

Tanya Talaga

We kick off the inaugural show with guest Tanya Talaga. Tanya is a journalist and a filmmaker. She just premiered her first feature documentary, Spirit to Soar, at Hot Docs! and will share the challenges she had making it, plus she reveals some of her upcoming projects.

I hope you’ll have a listen to our channel with a fresh take on Indigenous news & music and join me on this next stage of my journey…Catch The Kim Wheeler Show starting at 4 pm ET this Friday in your SiriusXM app!

Weekly airtimes

Friday 4 pm ET / 1 pm PT

Saturday at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT

Sunday at 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT