With ‘Revamped,’ Demi Lovato wants to introduce her fans to the world of hard rock


Demi Lovato joined host Jose Mangin and a special group of fans on Octane — SiriusXM’s home for new hard rock — to celebrate the release of her album Revamped, a 10-track collection of rock re-recordings of her previous pop hits.

The idea for Revamped came while touring her 2022 rock album Holy Fvck, Demi revealed. She realized that her more pop-leaning songs weren’t flowing with the tour setlist, so “I decided to turn them into rock songs,” she said. “They turned out so great that I was like, ‘They sound awesome, I should just re-record them and rerelease them.’ And so I did.”

You can check out Demi’s Octane on the SiriusXM App now.

Revamped Tracklist

  1. Heart Attack (Rock Version) (from Demi)
  2. Confident (Rock Version) (from Confident)
  3. Sorry Not Sorry (Rock Version) featuring Slash (from Tell Me You Love Me)
  4. Cool for the Summer (Rock Version) (from Confident)
  5. Tell Me You Love Me (Rock Version) (from Tell Me You Love Me)
  6. Neon Lights (Rock Version) with The Maine (from Demi)
  7. Skyscraper (Rock Version) (from Unbroken)
  8. La La Land (Rock Version) featuring Nita Strauss (from Don’t Forget)
  9. Give Your Heart a Break (Rock Version) with Bert McCracken (from Unbroken)
  10. Don’t Forget (Rock Version) (from Don’t Forget)