Canada Talks Keeping Canadians Informed During COVID-19 Outbreak

The week on Canada Talks

Without giving away my date of birth, I will coyly mention that I have been privileged enough to have seen The Beatles blitz North America on The Ed Sullivan Show and Gordie Howe skate with the Red Wings from a mezzanine seat at Maple Leaf Gardens.  The Beatles were black and white and positively mystic while the Leafs shut the door on Detroit by a score of 4-0.  So using those two examples as a microcosm of my journey here on Earth, it’s appropriate to say that I’ve been here for both a good time and a long time.

I wanted to point out, sadly, that I’m no spring chicken so that I could put the rest of my ramblings into some kind of perspective.  You see, I’ve spent my entire adult life working in radio and as the saying goes “if you live long enough, you’re bound to see everything.”  Well, I think that now I’ve seen it all.

Nobody saw this coming and nobody knows where this is going, but what we are dealing with is the ‘here and now’…and ‘here and now’ SiriusXM Canada is committed to providing the very best programming that we can under unbelievably strange circumstances.

SiriusXM Canada Talks (channel 167) provides live information and it’s never been more important to Canadians than it is right now, whether it’s delivering vital medical updates on the coronavirus, press conferences from the Prime Minister and his cabinet, or just some worthwhile diversion from the crisis at hand.  When the problem became a pandemic, we immediately went into high-gear, outfitting our hosts, producers, operators and technicians with all the necessary gear and support to do their jobs from home. The safety of our employees is a priority, but so is continuing to provide the live content that our subscribers rely on, and frankly need to hear.

On the flip side, of course, SiriusXM Just For Laughs Canada (channel 168) provides 100% Canadian comedy at a time when everyone can use some levity in their lives.

9/11 was an unspeakable tragedy that rippled across the world.  COVID-19 is an unspeakable tragedy that has rippled across the world.  In both instances and in many others, some that even pre-date my considerable tenure, radio is always here to educate, update and even comfort the masses. So we’re going to continue to do our very best to provide you with all those services. Our team here is dedicated and professional and I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of them.

Let’s face it….we’re not splitting the atom or hitting a grand slam in extra innings or solving a damned thing, really.  But we are committed to staying with you through this ordeal and helping to escort you to the other side of it as best we can.

And when I finally hang up my headphones I’ll be able to look back and say “Whew, that was a crazy ride…but together, we did it.  Whaddya know?  Now back to our regular programming schedule….”