WATCH: Maria Menounos on surviving a brain tumor, planning a wedding and returning to SiriusXM

Maria Menounos
TV personality Maria Menounos speaks during SiriusXM's 'Town Hall' with Rob Gronkowski hosted by Maria Menounos on July 17, 2015 in New York City.

Maria Menounos is back! After taking some time off to recover from a health scare, the 39-year-old entertainment reporter and radio host is making her return to the spotlight right here on SiriusXM Stars.

Known for covering all things fun and lighthearted, Menounos describes her show, Conversations with Maria, as “silerious,” a healthy mix of silly and serious. But expect to hear a slight shift in the daily radio show as Menounos plans to devote more time discussing her mom’s struggle with Stage 4 brain cancer and her own battle with a benign brain tumour.

“We discuss everything from news and pop culture to fitness and health to relationships and careers,” says Menounos. “We literally laugh and/or cry just about every show. But with any luck we’ll not only be entertained, we’ll learn enough from each other and maybe make life just a little bit easier.”