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Mute Choir – Shadowboxing

Toronto based alt-rock trio Mute Choir has announced their debut album Silent Conversations. To set us up for what’s to come they’ve dropped the first single, “Shadowboxing”. The song is about letting the weight of fear and negativity break your spirit over time. Silent Conversations is out now through Sleepless Records.

Ellis – Saturn Return

Linnea Siggelkow creates hazy bedroom pop under the moniker of Ellis; her newest single is “Saturn Return”. If you’re not familiar with the concept of Saturn Return it is the period of time in one’s life when the planet Saturn arrives back at the same position it was the moment you were born, usually sometime between 27-29 years of age. Many people consider this a time for extreme change or regrowth which is exactly what this song is about. The full record is called Born Again and it is available now.

Jade Hairpins – (Don’t Break My) Devotion

The newest offering from Jade Hairpins is a song called “Devotion”. This is only the second single from the album Harmony Avenue and I already feel confident that this will be one of my favourite records of the year. “Devotion” is an anthem for folks who keep having their patience tried according to Jonah Falco, the brains behind the project. Merge Records is putting the rest of the record out in May but in the meantime enjoy this powerpop jam.

Shred Kelly – Dead Leaves

British Columbia folk-rock band Shred Kelly is back with their new album Like A Rising Sun. The lead single is “Dead Leaves”, a tune about the online battles we have around political issues. They explore the idea that we’re all friends until someone has an opposing view and the stress that can put on our relationships. The full record is out May 15 but “Dead Leaves” is available to stream now.