Phoebe Bridgers curates the soundtrack to her misery on ‘Saddest Factory Radio’

Phoebe Bridgers Saddest Factory Radio

If you don’t know Phoebe Bridgers from her GRAMMY®-nominated album Punisher (or, perhaps, from inviting David Crosby’s Twitter ire by smashing a guitar on Saturday Night Live), prepare to get a crash course in the singer-songwriter and Saddest Factory Records label CEO’s essence of no-holds-barred vulnerability and beyond during her monthly show, Saddest Factory Radio.

The show, which serves up “outside-of-the-box thinking and audio trust falls,” features Bridgers at the helm guiding listeners through artist-to-artist conversations and, of course, her favourite songs. In the debut episode, Bridgers shared song recommendations for fans’ questions — from soundtracking a stolen toothbrush with underscores’ “Everybody’s Dead!” to a drive through the Italian countryside set to “Dead End Street” by Blake Mills.

In the second episode, Bridgers turns the moodiness dial up to 11 yet again with the help of associate Marshall Vore (and her pug) as they play music from “Silk Chiffon” collaborators MUNA, Better Oblivion Community Center counterpart Conor Oberst, indie powerhouse and New Pornographers vocalist Neko Case, former Chairlift co-founder and viral “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” singer-songwriter Caroline Polachek and more. The theme of the month is music made for misery, which is when Bridgers arguably thinks songs feel the best.

“I wanted to make a playlist based on when music feels the best … and one of the times music feels the best is when I’m miserable,” Bridgers explained. “When I’m down bad, and I want to be more down and more bad, these are the songs that I listen to.”