Canadian Country comes together for Cadence Grace of Runaway Angel

Runaway Angel

Country Kicks Cancer’s Ass for Cadence

The Canadian country music community is just amazing. Over the last few weeks, a fundraiser has come together to help Cadence Grace of Runaway Angel prepare for a bone marrow transplant. This Sunday, Ben Hudson, Julia Haggarty, Kelsi Mayne, Kris Barclay, Leah Daniels, Genevieve Fisher, Eric Ethridge, Small Town Pistols, Jessica Mitchell & Al Rowe will perform at Rock ‘N Horse in Toronto. All proceeds will go towards KICKING CANCER’S ASS! Cadence Grace will perform, too. Doors are open at 2pm, the music starts at 3. Hit the link below for information. Sending so much love to Cadence, Runaway Angel, and all the amazing musicians stepping up for the cause. Catch Runaway Angel Live @ SiriusXM next week on CH. 171 starting Friday at 3pm ET with repeats Saturday at 7 ET & Sunday at 11 ET.

Tickets available through Eventbrite

Chad Brownlee’s Video for “Forever’s Gotta Start Somewhere”

Flannel, a cute pup, and some incredible views, it’s got everything. Watch Chad Brownlee’s new video for “Forever’s Gotta Start Somewhere.” Anyone else jonesin’ for a road trip now?

Dallas Smith Announces New EP The Fall

Dallas Smith has announced his new EP The Fall is due out March 15th including “Make ‘Em Like You,” “Rhinestone World,” and four unreleased tracks. You’ll hear some familiar voices with buds Dean Brody & MacKenzie Porter on the track “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Alone.” We can’t wait!

Petric Are Back with “Single Problem”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Petric. The guys are back with their new song “Single Problem” and they’re teasing a music video. Their grandparents may or may not make an appearance in the video…

Owen Barney Releases New Single & EP “Home”

Toronto’s Owen Barney shares his new song “Home,” the title track from his new EP out today. He says, “What I’ve always hoped for myself is to someday be performing to a crowd that knows every word of my songs.” Something tells me you’ll be singing his words back to him really soon.