Sit At The Front Of The Bus With The Tragically Hip’s Rob Baker

Front of the Bus
The Tragically Hip, Photo: Gordon Hawkins

When the concerts were over and The Tragically Hip would roll off to the next city by bus, guitarist Rob Baker would commandeer the sound system and play a selection of songs that may have reflected the show that had just ended, but that also looked towards the next gig. The music would always vary, from a generation of sounds that influenced the band, to new music they were being introduced to for the first time. This listening space became almost a ritual, as it provided a soundtrack to the many thoughts and emotions the band would have on their journeys.

Now that audio space is coming to The Tragically Hip Radio. Join Rob Baker as he hosts a world of sound on The Front of the Bus. Music from Stevie Wonder, Jason Isbell, JD Mcpherson, July Talk, Joe Strummer and many more, can all be found on this exclusive to SiriusXM’s The Tragically Hip Radio. You’ll hear the stories from yesterday and today and the music that connects them all.

Tune in Friday at 6 pm ET for The Front of the Bus with Rob Baker. You can also hear the show on the SiriusXM app.