Steven Tyler visits the Howard Stern Show (01-25-2016)

Steven Tyler
Howard Stern and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, January 25th, 2016.

Steven Tyler, the legendary frontman of Aerosmith, woke up early Monday morning to drop by The Howard Stern Show to talk up everything from sex, drugs and rock and roll, to his current relationship with his bandmates, along with his new solo music.

Howard and Steven have had a long relationship, and you can hear it when the two talk. Tyler is clearly at ease letting Howard into his life, including his addiction to drugs, his stints in rehab, and what keep him on the straight and narrow today.

“I started singing in Aerosmith at 26 and at 29 we were making thirty thousand a night,” he told Howard. “I had a saying that I was not gonna be the guy that made a million bucks and lost it all. And I did that three times.”

Things are never perfect in the Aerosmith camp, of course. His bandmates weren’t happy when Tyler joined American Idol a few years ago, and nobody is pleased with the frontman’s new solo release, “red, White and You,” including drummer guitarist Joe Perry, whose response to the song, according to Steven, was, “You’re quitting Aerosmith to do country.”

Among the other stories Tyler regaled Howard with was his jam with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, scoring drugs with John Belushi, his part in the Guns N Roses reunion, his love of Tom Petty’s SiriusXM show Buried Treasure and so much more.