North Americana spins new music from Joey Landreth + classic Keith Richards

Keith Richards

Sarah Burke here from SiriusXM Canada.

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Sunday Service: March 31st, 2019

  1. Joey Landreth – Cryin’
  2. Keith Richards – Big Town Playboy
  3. Jon and Roy – Headstrong
  4. Julian Taylor Band – Back Again
  5. Ewan Currie – Endless Rhythm
  6. Adam Baldwin – Dark Beside the Dawn
  7. Shawn James – Orpheus
  8. Tim Baker – All Hands
  9. Poor Nameless Boy – Argue
  10. Tim Moxam – Goodbye, Already

Joey Landreth Announces Hindsight & Shares New Single “Cryin’”

To start this weekend’s show, I have brand new music from Joey Landreth who’s announced his new album Hindsight due out April 19th. You’ve heard other songs that will appear on the album including “Forgiveness” and “Dangerous Heart” but I’ve got a new one for you this weekend titled “Cryin’.” On the topic of the new song he says:

“We all have that friend who just can’t seem to stay away from the bad apples. “Cryin’” is the intervention set to music.”

Keith Richards Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Talk Is Cheap

Keith Richards re-releases Talk Is Cheap this weekend in celebration of the 30th anniversary of his first solo album.  This re-release comes in the form of a limited Super Deluxe Box Set including the previously unreleased, bonus track “Big Town Playboy,” featuring Mick Taylor and Johnnie Johnson. I’ll play this one for you, what a trip back in time.

Julian Taylor Band Releases Avalanche

A piano prodigy from age four, Julian Taylor releases his album Avalanche this weekend! Taylor, who is both West Indian and Native Canadian, is the definition of a charismatic frontman. On top of that, he’s an incredible songwriter and all-around great dude. I love watching him take the vintage sounds that influenced his style growing up and make them his own. Happy release weekend, Julian!

Poor Nameless Boy Releases Wake Up Call EP

Regina’s Joel Henderson is celebrating the release of his new EP, Wake Up Call, out this weekend via Chronograph Records / Fontana North. You’ve heard his song “Catch Up and Slow Down” on North Americana already, but this weekend I’ll play you the new one, “Argue.”

Tim Moxam Releases Marlborough Hall

This weekend, Tim Moxam shares his new album Marlborough Hall with the world.  The latest single is “Goodbye, Already.” Here’s what he says about the song:

“Goodbye, Already” finishes the story I began to tell on my last record: hopelessness in love. I wanted it to be first on the record because the rest of the album departs from that theme. This album is about confidence and honesty and coming to terms with who I am, but I felt it was really important to acknowledge and pay tribute to where I’d been before starting the journey to where I am now. It’s also one of the grooviest tracks on the record, and I thought it was pretty perfect to start off the record saying goodbye.