Watch Billy Idol’s epic video for the title track of his upcoming EP, ‘The Cage’

Billy Idol

As if his upcoming live performances aren’t enough, Billy Idol is giving us brand-new music, announcing the September 23 release of his four-song EP titled The Cage. The rock legend and SiriusXM host also dropped the title track and accompanying music video today.

The Cage follows Billy’s 2021 EP, The Roadside, featuring four songs.

“The last EP, we were kind of warming up to this,” Billy said. “This EP is a lot more coming at you. Loads more guitar. And that’s a lot of fun. We were pretty fired up by the fact that we hadn’t played for a couple of years, and suddenly we were bursting on stage, and it kind of woke us up to what the next EP could be: That it could be a little more strum und drang, a little more coming at you, a little more rock ‘n’ roll, a little more fuck you! Well, a tiny bit of fuck you, anyhow. The bottom line is we had a lot of fun doing it.”

Billy recently returned to touring and delivered his first show of 2022 on August 12 in Phoenix, AZ. During that concert, the punk pioneer performed The Cage tracks “Cage” and “Runnin’ From the Ghost” for the first time.

Preorder The Cage here, and check out ticket information for Billy’s tour here.

The “Rebel Yell” singer also hosts his own SiriusXM show, Billy Idol’s Live Transmission, on 1st Wave. Tune in for a dose of Billy’s favourite classic alternative and punk music, including hits by Blondie, Ramones and, of course, Billy himself. Stream previous episodes of Live Transmission on the SXM App anytime.