New show Canada Now with with Jeff Sammut to debut on SiriusXM Canada Talks

The week on Canada Talks

Hello SiriusXM Canada Talks audience.  I’m Jeff Sammut, your proud host of “Canada Now”, debuting on Monday, January 30.  I’ve been in radio for 22 years now and every single day of it has led to this… very… moment.

First, a little more about me…don’t worry, I’ll be brief. My greatest accomplishment is somehow getting the most beautiful woman on earth to not only look at me, but marry me.  It’s been 6 years now and she hasn’t come to her senses.  Shhh…don’t tell her.  Since then, we’ve created 2 unbelievable boys and took in the cutest pug ever made. All this came about at a time where I had given up on living that dream.  If you are at that point right now, take note.

My career has been entirely in Toronto, my home.  It started as a volunteer at CIUT 89.5FM, the University of Toronto community radio station, then as a student at Humber College. Just before graduating, I took on a part-time technical director position at The FAN 590, Canada’s all-sports radio station, then left after almost 2 years for a similar but full-time position at the legendary (and still is) CFRB 1010.  Again, after almost 2 years, I returned to The FAN 590 for a brief 16-year stint that had me evolve into a producer, the comedy guy in the morning and then as a full-time host.  As of March 2016, I went back to CFRB (now Newstalk) 1010 and have been hosting there ever since.  Add in being a Second City graduate who has enjoyed performing improv and stand-up comedy on-stage and that professionally sums me up in a paragraph. If you want more, check me out on Twitter @jeffsammut or my website

And here we are.  At this moment. The one I’ve been waiting for.  A national audience. A BRAND NEW SHOW. And joining an all-star team. Thanks to Joe Thistel, Sirius XM’s Director of Talk Programming, for bringing me in.  He’s an honest and loyal visionary.  Senior Producer Aron Papernick….my day one at the office and has already given me advice that will resonate for years. Cassandra Bielas, a young hard-working producer who you want on your side.  I work WITH her now, I know I will work FOR her someday.  And technical director Brody Hamilton.  Good techs have a big voice and firm imprint on a show they are gate-keeping.  You’ll hear what I’m talking about Monday to Friday from 10am-12pmET.

So Canada (and the U.S…yes, we’re on there too), I promise entertainment, news, fun, your participation, my hard work and sincerity. You will know what’s happening in Canada.  The big stories and cities will get their attention but the hard-to-find stories and less talked about towns will have the spotlight too. You won’t be forgotten.  And if you feel like you are, tell us.  We’re here for you on “Canada Now”, SiriusXM Canada Talks Channel 167.