Wolfgang Van Halen’s Mammoth WVH Drops New Song, ‘Like a Pastime’

Mammoth WVH Wolfgang Van Halen

Mammoth WVH – fronted by artist and SiriusXM host Wolfgang Van Halen – dropped their second single from their much-anticipated sophomore album, Mammoth II.

The band released the lyric video for the track “Like a Pastime,” which includes polyrhythms featured prominently in progressive rock.

“It centers around a 4/4-time signature, but with a polyrhythm on top,” Wolfgang said in a press release. “I was teaching my fiancée what a polyrhythm is, and I stumbled upon this idea. The kick drums are accentuating it. It’s certainly one of my favourites and a completely different vibe than anything on the first album.”

Like he did on the debut LP of Mammoth WVH, Wolfgang plays every instrument on Mammoth II, which is due out on August 4. The lead single from the album, “Another Celebration at the End of the World,” dropped earlier this year.

In addition to his music career, Wolfgang also hosts the monthly SiriusXM show Wolf Van Halen’s Top of the Pack on the Classic Rewind channel. During the show, Wolf plays music by his favourite artists, including classics from his late father, guitar god Eddie Van Halen. Listen to previous episodes of the multi-instrumentalist’s show on the SXM App anytime.