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Finding Your Sound Is Simple On Apple TV

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SiriusXM and Apple TV make listening at home so easy

Apple TV lets you stream the perfect soundtrack for your home right through your TV. So, family nights, hanging out with friends, even just curling up on the couch can now sound amazing. Plus, Apple AirPlay lets you stream SiriusXM from your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV with just the push of a button.

Listen On Demand and personalize channels on Apple TV

Along with streaming over 200 awesome channels, you can hear archived shows On Demand. So, if you missed that interview with your favourite star, no problem. Just hear it on your time. And you can make your listening even more your own by customizing music & comedy channels to hear more of the artists and songs you love.

How to start streaming SiriusXM on Apple TV

Listening to SiriusXM on Apple® TV is easy. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be grooving along to your favorite channels. Stream SiriusXM on the one box that simplifies it all.

How to start streaming SiriusXM on Apple TV

Stream SiriusXM at home and enjoy

At Home - Favourites

Listening to all your favourites in your recliner.

At Home - Personalized recommendations

Personalized recommendations for channels, artists and shows

At Home - On Demand

Hearing programs On Demand on your deck.

NOTE: All features are not available on all platforms. SiriusXM streaming subscription sold separately.

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